The Harsh Truth of the matter is Trump is like your unruly, mentally deficient cousin, who for years attended Thanksgiving Dinners at your home but constantly whined about never being given the opportunity to host the dinner at his place, so your family allows that to happen and for fourContinue Reading

Folks, The Orange Haired Orangutan/Human Hybrid is Fracking ENRAGED and has resorted to BULLYING his supporters to financially pay for his inevitable legal expenses and other incurred debts. There’s a telling admission in the fine print of Trump’s demand for donations to his election lawsuits RUMOR Control Robust safeguards helpContinue Reading

For years I wondered why the voting rights act of 1964 had to be renewed?  Seems like this shouyld have been codified as  a Constitutional Ammen dement years ago.  Particularly when we see how DISPORPORTIONALLY and Negatively  people of color are affected.  Maybe that is why I have decided toContinue Reading