Michelle Obama makes a moral case against Donald Trump

Okay I will post her full speech later, but here are some important talking points.

Hmm Melania has approximately a week to plagiarize Michelle Obama’s speech.

Now here’s the thing, approximately 2 hours ago the Orange Orangutan that is squatting in the White Hoiuse responded to her scathing indictment of Trump’s ineptness with: “I wouldn’t be here if not for her husband (44th President Barack Hussein Obama)” and he’s absolutely correct.  See, who the f*ck knew how stupid, racist, misogynist Americans are?

Previous presidents have pandered to the members of cultural equivalent of America’s: ”Lowest Denominator,”  but even these presidents after they were elected made an attempt top lead the country but NOT this son-of-a-bitch.

So yeah Donald JOHN Trump, you are correct in that you wouldn’t be the president is not for Obama.  Now tell the educated voters in America something that we don’t already know.

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