September 23, 2021

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My most recent guilty pleasure…

Wild Party, The

The year is 1929 and having survived what happened at the wild party of the night before at comedy legend Jolly Grimm’s (Gay Actor James Coco) mansion is writer Jimmy Morrison (David Dukes) laid up in his hospital bed recovering from a bullet wound in his neck. Jimmy is doing what he does best writing a screenplay about the terrible events that put him in the hospital and ended up taking the lives of two people, one of whom is a major screen heart-throb, at the party.

The movie “the Wild Party” has it all: Sex, alcohol, drugs, and murder. The movie stars Tony, Obie and Golden Globe winner James Coco as ‘Jolly Grimm’ an aging Hollywood silent film star in the 1920s who gives the party so everyone can see his newest picture. Problem is, no one really cares about this picture, except for mild applause by a few sycophants.

Raquel Welch and James Coco in The Wild Party
Queenie (Welch) and Jolly (Coco)

As Jolly Grimm, actor James Coco provides a well-done depiction of a man in decadent Hollywood in the1920s.  Jolly Grimm is desperate to jump-start his flailing career while being confronted with the new age of Cinema, in an industry that once heralded him as the: ‘King Of The Box Office’.

But now it seems that the public wants talkies and action pictures. Poor guy! His lover is ‘Queenie’ (played by beautiful Raquel Welch)  and she goes off with hot new actor Dale Sword (played by Perry King).

What’s Jolly Grimm gonna do?

The Wild Party is a combination of comedy, musical, and drama, based on a poem written in 1926 by Joseph Moncure March.

READ The Original Poem: The Wild Party


The comedy is light, there’s no mystery in the drama, and the musical numbers are satisfactory but for me, the most memorable thing about this movie is that it is visually captivating, in art direction, costume designs, set in an old Hollywood mansion combined with sexy as all ‘Get-Out’ Raquel Welch being among the best elements. 

Raquel Welch is superb as Queenie, the emotionally and physically abused sweet mistress who put up with Jolly’s manic-depressive antics for years but now it seems that she has reached her breaking point with Grimm, unable, or unwilling, to endure his violent outbursts that she’s at the receiving end of, from a deeply disturbed, overweight and washed-up silent film comic.

Y’all are well aware of my longtime and seemingly unending crush on the Sexiest Woman of the 20th Century (Raquel Welch) and this time her romantic foil is the equally beautiful model/actor Perry King (King enjoyed a modicum of film and television success in the 1980s and 1990s.  And although there is nudity (During the ‘Orgy’ scenes), don’t expect to see Welch in the nude as her nudity is only implied when we catch a fleeting glimpse of Dale Sword’s (Perry King’s) narrow alabaster ass as he exits the bed, that he is presumably sharing with Queenie (Welch).

Very loosely based on the scandal of silent film star Fatty Arbuckle, which I first learned about in the book: Hollywood Babylon, by avant-garde filmmaker Kenneth Anger that details the sordid scandals of famous Hollywood from the 1900s to the 1950s.

Hollywood Babylon Book
Jane Mansfield on the cover of Hollywood Babylon

The book Hollywood Babylon was banned shortly after it was first published in the U.S. in 1965 and remained unavailable until reprinted ten years later (!975).

The Fatty Arbuckle incident chronicles his arrest and trial for the rape and murder of a young starlet named Virginia Rappe that he invited to a drunken party and orgy, at his motel room.

Roscoe ‘Fatty’ Arbuckle Virginia  Rappe
Roscoe Virginia Rappe

Arbuckle was found innocent when Virginia Rappe’s cause of death was ruled to be a ruptured bladder and secondary peritonitis.  His career in ruins, Arbuckle died a few years later, a penniless and broken man. And, while the film is loosely based on Arbuckle’s woes, the script manages to stay faithful to the Poem.  I know this because I listened to an audio version of the poem.

The film also features fine support from Perry King as

Perry King as Derek Sword

Dale Sword, a Valentinesque actor.

Perry King as Dale Sword meeting Queenie (Raquel Welch) for the first time. 


Tiffany Bolling as Kate The Wuild Party (1975)

Tiffany Bolling,in the role of Kate, a young starlet and Queenie’s best friend and rival for the attention of Dale Sword.

All in all, The Wild Party provides viewers with  a class A effort that should have gotten a better reception at the time

Despite The Wild Party’s lackluster reception, it may well emerge as a cult favorite and is already garnering a modest but growing fan following.

The WILD Party is released on DVD and you can also watch a heavily edited (Orgy edited out) version of this movie for free right here courtesy of YouTube.

watch now jpg

or, rent/buy the R-rated version from Amazon video and Ebay.

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