As shell-shocked, weary America “Turns-A-Corner” heading into next week’s Presidential election, I have to take a little time to enjoy one of my favorite songs of all time that was first made famous by Dionne Warwick. Written by the songwriting team of  Burt Bacharach and Hal David, expressly for Dionne.  Say A Little Prayer marked the decade that Dionne Warwick songs that would become a defining feature of my youth.  Bacharach, David, and Warwick would become so legendary that their musical offerings remain in the zeitgeist to this day (Remember That GLEE episode?). I am happy to see a new generation willing to carry the torch with their remarkable renditions of one of my FAVORITE Songs (that many mistakenly believe was made famous by Aretha Franklin):

The Original by Dionne

Cover by Lianne de Havas



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