I needed to take some time to recover from the Bullsh!t of the past few days.

I live close to D.C. In fact I was once employed by the Bush Administration and worked on Capital Hill and believe me when I write that I am not enamored with ther U.S. Government, but never did I ever imagine the spectacle that I would see on Wednesday Jan 6, 2021.

That’s when a Tidal wave of White-Trash would wash-over the Capital of the United States and cause the unnecessary deaths of 5 individuals one of whom was employed by the Capital police and another, a woman who served in Mid-East.  Both were Trump supporters and while the woman was shot while breaking through the doors of the Capital buiilding, the Policeman was attacked by Trump’s suppoorters even though he, himself was a Trump supporter, he still tried to protect the Nation’s Capital.

White Trash as far as the eye can see to shining sea.


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