September 23, 2021

TECHgyrl Presents:

Inimitable MUSINGS

She’s NOT the ONLY One…

Dorothy isn’t the only blogger who can get her hands on Movie screeners that are leaked to the PUBLIC, she has no secret movie screener stash. C’mon girl, just stop.

Promising Young Woman is fast becoming one of my favorite movies of 2021 despite its bleak premise because there  are genuinely memorable  moments like this one:

Why is this scene so memorable to me? Because of the music silly girls, 1. the movement is from the Opus: Tristan and Isolde by Wagner and was featured in the Movie 2. Melancholia was directed by 3. Lars Von Trier who I came to be familiar with after I learned that he directed 4. Bjork in her 5. Best Actress Academy Award-Winning Role of Selma in the movie:

6. Dancer In The Dark.

Final scene from the movie Melancholia or How to prepare for an Interplanetary Collision:

Thank You All for Playing Six Degrees of Separation: Premium Lars Von Trier and Bjork Edition.

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