September 23, 2021

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As you may have heard by now, Morgan Wallen has been Suspended ‘Indefinitely’ by His Record Label as Backlash Grows Over N-Word Video leaked by TMZ.

What a disappointment Morgan has turned ouit to be, because seriously his 7 summers video was crossing over and many people of color who had prev iously not been into country music were diggin’ this song (Mostly because of the video that features a woman oif color as Wallen’s romantic lead). I don’t know, it’s f*cked up for sure, but this guy is like what? 26? Or 27? While he should know better, being a southerner, I can see why he doesn’t. But for now what I need to know is…who is this woman?

It all started a couple of months ago while I was watching Saturday Night Live and the musical guest was country music artist Morgan Wallen performing his song 7 Summers.

This a cover of 7 Summers  performed by Sam Hunt

Yeah, So my other account which is over at Daily Motion, is rather Draconian when it comes to posting even a cover of a song as was done in this video that I re-edited.

I like the song and I don’t usually like country music (Have you ever read anything about the Dixie Chicks written by yours Truly?) Hell No!

However, last Saturday January 16, 2020 Morgan Wallen was on a repeat of Saturday Night Live so Sunday the 17th, I looked up the video on YouTube.  That’s when I saw her…

She is playing the role of Morgan’s girlfriend.  She is not credited in the video or anywhere else as far as I know.

Okay so the above clip is another thing that for me hints that this is woman of color. This is where we see that there is an man of color at that baseball game and he gives Morgan’s girlfriend a sympatetic look.  He was also cut out of trhe official music video.

Maybe I am going a bit stir crazy being in lockdown during this pandemic, but I got a feeling when I saw this actor that she is a woman of color.


The above snippet is what convinced me that this is a mixed race woman.  So, why does that matter? Representation of course and it makes her one of the few if not the only woman of color to play the love interest of a popular country music star. Good for her.

Now indulge me as I go Far……FAR Out on A Limb. Why go out on a limb, because that's where the TRUTH is. picture So I reckon that this woman is supposed to be a love interest and she is of mixed race or African American descent.  Why? because I noticed some things like what I believe to be excessive use of cosmetics for one. Her Makeup is just way too heavy. The hair is a wig, as well. Don’t get me wrong because I absolutely LOVE…Love…Love the timbre of her voice and her acting.  I mean this actor knocks her role out of the ball-park (Like my baseball analogy?). But to me the make-up seems a tad too heavy, t?he hair a little too stiff almost bas if trying to dimiminsh her true skin color. Now, I could ber completely wrong and so if I am wrong then why hide her name, identity?  When I firt watched a video by Haley Kiyoko, it was’t diffcxult for me to find out who Kelani is. It’S not like PEOPLE OF COLOR have never  passed as white in media.Here are some examples: The WAYANS Brothers

Eddie Murphy

French TV documentary an  experiment was carried out for a French TV documentary that is available on YouTube if you can find it.  I watched it a couple of years ago and it is very interesting.  The physical transformation was acheived solely with cosmetics.

DO YOU BELIEVE ME NOW? And these individuals ACTUAlly mingled with whites whocouldn’t tell the two women are biologicalylyl of color.  So see, my theory doesn’t seem so ar-fetched does it? And to be honesty I found this to be less offensive than white models who portray themselves as Black.

The people in the French experiment ndividuals did NOT earn a unlike models (Like the white  Swedish Instagram model on the right) the confederates in the French experiment  did not deny a segment of the social inluencer  industry Or the black social inflencer (Pictured below.) A chance to earn money. So before you jump on your ‘Reverse-Racism’ High-Horse, you need to understand the context of why these individuals were passing as white did not deny a white person an income opportunity. So, don’t give me any grief about whites being denied opportunity or even white appropriation and you know why, but if you don’t look it up.

The way I see it, the reason why I CANNOT find any information (Not on video credits, IMDB, Google or Bing) on this woman is because the Recording Industry powers that be do not want it to be known that this woman is mixed race or of  African decsent, no matter how slight the percentage of DNA, lest it hurt the sales of 7 Summers to those insurgent ‘Good Ol’ Boys’ that Donald Trump incited to  storm the Capital in Washington D.C. on January 6, 2021 where 5  people (All Trump suppoerters) lost their lives. 

Therefore I find that it appears that by putting this character in ‘white-face’ the  the Director of the video (Justin Clough) and maybe even  Morgan Wallen himself (Seems likely, givben his cavalier disregard of “N” word protocol) ‘Stifled ‘ an opportunity to appeali to a diverse and inclusive audience of country music fans. Foe me, the jury is still out on whether whites should be able tro utter the word: “Nigga.”  I don’t think the word shoud ,be a part of American lexicon at all.  However, Morgan did not use the Hard “ER” at the e3nd of the word.

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