September 23, 2021

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Trump’s Defense Is Headed For DISASTER

Despite the glaring evidence that was presented at Donald J. Trump’s unprecedented 2nd Impeachment Trial, it remains highly unlikely that senate Republicans will convict Trump for his treasonous behavior. See folks, it’s likie this: These politicians need the hillbilly slack-jawed racist and sexist yokels and their contemporary enablers VOTE. Hell, these are the people who are against things that most of us consider essential for having a meaningful existence, things such as: Basic Health Care, Education, Food the list goes on. Yep, these Trump supporters are the nitwits who live in Opiate riddled West Virginia and similar lackluster midwest and southern states.  Who are against any effort designed to improve their miserable lives because goddess forbid a person of color also have access to the same mitigating source.  These are the same people who feel trhat the assualt on the capital was warranted in order to salvage what they feel is thier dimishing white privilege.  Some olf them are quick to Denounce Prresident Boiden’s Stimulus because thge U.S. can’t afford it!! WTF?

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