September 23, 2021

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Just Call Me A Good Ol’ Country Gal

Well, here’s the thing: Starting in 2021, I am no longer confining myself to any specific Genre be it in music, literature, cinema or any type of popular culture.  For years I’ve pandered to an audience in the hope that I would get some type of Interaction happening on this modest little site.  Well, that didn’t happen so fuck it.

I found myself in the mood for some country music and so naturally I fired up my current favorite song: 7 Summers and I don’t give a damn about what controversy Morgan Wallen may have started it’s the woman in the video that has my attention.

As you may h)ave noticed during the beginning of this video, Morgan seems to strike out during a baseball game.  We later discover that this was, what is assumed to be an important career-making game (or not. I don’t fucking know. We then see an African American male, sitting next to a white woman who is sitting next to Hannah (Our Protagonist). Why is this important to note? Because a steadfast rule in film-making is that you NEVER show anything that isn’t integral to the narrative.

After Morgan strikes out the man in the bleachers looks at Hannah and shrugs his shoulders with a sympathetic look. Who is he supposed to be? Her brother or just an all-knowing empathetic friend? Hell, even the white woman who is sitting in the middle l;\ooks at Hannah with an: “Oh-Well, Better Luck Next Time” Expression.This pivotal scene was subsequently removed from the Short film:What happened to the Black Man? They just Blotted him out altogether.   Even  though later we see that Hannah is a woman of color as she lays on the grass in the baseball field next to Morgan when she kisses him. So yeah it’s about inclusion and I ain’t mad at it.  Besides, it’s a good song. Then there’s Chris Stapleton, what can I say other than he possesses a soulful sound that is weathered by whiskey and song offering the listener a simple refrain that actually allows the melody to dictate the song’s flow and feel. Oh, and may I add that guitar riff is what REALLY hooked me?

I would LOVE to hear Josh Stone or Melissa Etheridge do a cover of this song.


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