September 23, 2021

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DELUDED White Man arrested outside Vice Presidential residence lives in Bryan Texas

While Iam not insinuating any condition other than that for any white person to believe in 2021 that skin color alone ranks them as superior has GOT To Be DELUDED!

Did you see the trash that Trump got ginned up to attack Democracy on January 6th 2021?

isn’t this Just Great!

G0dd@mn backwoods Texas trash willing to endanger the lives of the Vice President Kamala Harrisn and her husand the 2nd Gentleman Doug Imhoff, all because of the bullsh!t lies he believed from the SON-Ov-A-B!tch-1 Term- but 2X IMPEACHED Trump America’s 1st Beverly Hillbilly President.

Now, I don’t know if the white trash  breached the perimeter of the VP’s propperty or if he even has an official diagnosis, but in my opinion white supremacy is a threat to public health both physical and mental well being.  And any person who believes that all it take =s is white skin and nothing more to elevate them  in society has got to be suffering from s mental illness.  It’s 2021!!

He’s paraonoid that the government is after him? So now they really are after him.


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