September 23, 2021

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Is Fashion Waking Up?


Introducing Good Morning Vogue, a New Fashion News Show Exploring Our Changing Industry.


I take great issue with this video why? For years the Fashion Industry has ignored calls for inclusion and diversity, for YEARS and I mean DECADES of looking at fashiuon through the eyes of a Wesdrtyern Europeans lens. i HAVE EXPERIENCED THIS”oTHERISm” Persopnal;ly, being the sole woman  od colore sitting am,ongst a sea of white models and having the person who decides who ets to the”Next” levbel look at my portfolio and say: “Too Exotic.”

Thistatement kinda pissed my off and I said to the ahgent or whoever the hell this person was: “Too Exotic?”  Sh!t I looked like just another biracial 17 year old who people told: “Your Pretty, You Should Be A Model.”  But the “Too Exotic” meant that I wasn’t white enough and definitely not black enouigh to fit in any category. 

Black and Latino designers and models have for YEARS and I do mean DECADES attempted to break through the glass barrier of unequal respresentatrion in the3 Fashion Industry. The people in the above video are ssoo disingenguous. I am  sorry if you disagree with me but we will see.  

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